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November 2012
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Wild West - 1x04 “Tin, Tin, Tin”

  “I’m leading a workshop on conquering fear of the dark.”

“That’s one of your phobias, isn’t that?”

“Me? No, god no, no, I’m fine.”

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August 2012
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Your Brows are on Fire - 10/Donna Fic


Title: Don’t know yet. I’m rusty. Tempted to call it “Your Brows are on Fire” cause XD
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble
Rating: Some naughty words and theme… hum… teenager audiences? Think it’ll go up later ;)

A/N: I haven’t read that many who fics so maybe this is not original at all. My apologies if that’s the case. Also, first attempt at a Who fic. I am not sure yet I got their “voices” right.


“So where do babies come from?”

The Doctor looked up from the wild mess of wires and gadgets on the console, puzzled. Donna was sitting on the floor, flipping the pages of one of what he had called his stack of “old magazines” but that she had found so fascinating being Vogue editions some 30 years in her future. There were no real spoilers in fashion, were they? Nothing truly life-altering in there, right? No, not really, he had thought.

“What?” - he finally asked.

She didn’t look up from the magazine.

“Babies. How do they happen?”

He put down one of the wires he had been holding, not noticing it was the blue one. You can’t put the blue one on an active panel on the console cause blue wires tend to get too happy to meet the red wired metal panels. Basic TARDIS tinkering. Of course, basic TARDIS tinkering should also be performed with all eight senses on and no ginger companion asking random questions out of the blue. Oh, the blue. The blue was happy to meet old friend red wired panel. They sparked and sent a happy bolt of electric joy up his hand, to his very happy elbow and further up to his spine where it merrily spread through out his system.

“Your brows are on fire” - Donna mentioned casually, flipping a page.

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July 2012
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July 2012
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Since most of us are in bed with our laptops I like to think it means we’re kind of in bed together

May 2012
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The Fires of Pompeii, a haiku

“Tardis, Time Lord, YEAH”

She was having none of that

“Donna, Human, NO.”

March 2012
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